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About us




UAB Vensva since 2000 is a successful and constantly growing company. Specializing in trucks and heavy machinery sales and service. With our specialized truck-carriers we transport trucks and other machinery from/to Western Europe and the Baltic countries


In 2018 started cooperation with one of the top worldwide crane manufacturer FASSI.


In 2017 our company became service partner for refuse collectors  NTM - AB NÄRPES TRÄ & METALL.


In 2016 company became oficial partner of F.X. MEILLER Fahrzeug und Maschinenfabrik Gmbh & Co KG in Lithuania.


We have hydraulic component sales and service centers in Vilnius and Plunge.


A young, ambitious and experienced team is always flexible to find the right solution for our customers. We are learning in order to meet growing customer needs and expectations.



 Meiller-atstovas-servisas-dealer  Fassi-kranas-manipuliatorius